Why Films in Berwick?

Berwick Film Society was set up in response to demand after the first Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival in 2005. Opening with a mini-season to test the water, followed by a full first season in the autumn of 2006, BFS has gone from strength to strength with ever-growing support and keen interest.  Its raison d’être is to bring to Berwick and surrounding communities a unique programme of non-mainstream titles from all over the world. We take our audiences to places, cultures and filmic experiences which they might otherwise miss.  The BFS team are committed to bringing quality hand-picked films to Berwick:  films which provoke thought; films which raise awareness; films which take you somewhere special and then linger in the memory.

Locally-based filmshows create an event for the community and encourage people to come out, meet up with friends and be part of the audience experience.  Try us out by just turning up on a screening night and pay on the door before you commit yourself! However, we’re sure you’ll wisely discover that subscribing to Berwick Film Society is the very best deal and the most beneficial way you can both see great films and support our small organisation.

Finally, we confess to being hopelessly biased: BFS believe a strong programme of films can provoke discussion, offer insight, escape, inspiration, a mental and visual feast and — not least — a really good night out! In these times of global turmoil, popping out to see a good film with BFS is a relatively inexpensive way to experience a thought-provoking escape into other realms. And it gets us off our sofas!


Who are we?

Genni Poole: Coordinator     John Spiers: Subscriptions     Maurice Ward: Finance

A small but committed team of locally-based individuals sharing a huge passion for film. We come from professional backgrounds in project management, event organisation, libraries and adult training. We organise filmshows, research and select titles for Berwick Film Society in an entirely voluntary capacity, and our filmnight stewards are also volunteers. BFS welcomes offers of assistance! If you are interested in volunteering,  contact us.

Berwick Film Society is a Registered Charity:  No. 1174531.


What kind of films do we show?

Broadly, we programme a range of films: from contemporary gems from around the world to specialist titles and vintage classics. Unlike commercial cinemas, blockbusters are not our remit. Instead we screen recent international releases, occasionally also including titles which have slipped silently under the radar, giving our audience the opportunity to experience some undiscovered gems. Above all we pledge to bring some stunning and memorable movies to our audiences: from quirky to controversial to downright masterpieces.

Argue that you can watch movies at home if you like, but you can’t beat that whole experience of seeing a great film on the Big Screen! It’s a night out plus a chance to mix with other film-goers if you feel like socialising.


“Great range of films – funny, sad and moving, telling stories from all around the world. All this exposure to new cultures, seated in comfortable and agreeable surroundings. At BFS filmshows you meet new, like-minded people of all ages in a cosy, friendly atmosphere. I especially enjoy talking about and “judging” the films in the theatre bar afterwards.” RS.


“…always absorbing, BFS’s film programmes are a wonderful mix of the best recent, award-winning films from around the world, with just the occasional oldie thrown in for good measure. They are all beautifully and sensitively filmed with stunning images. I am so proud of the team that puts each programme together.” AR.



Director Iciar Bollain and screenwriter Paul Laverty

Director Icíar Bollaín and screenwriter Paul Laverty in a Q & A session with Genni Poole after a screening of Even the Rain in September 2012.


Who decides the film programme?

A small panel of film enthusiasts with contrasting tastes who have experience of film festivals/events and film exhibition.  We also take into account our audiences’ views on which types of films they most appreciate.  We are licensed to screen films in digital, blu-ray and dvd formats.


What are our goals?

CinemaForAllLogoSimply put, to make international film much more accessible to local people. We’ve initiated filmshows in Wooler and have offered advice and guidance to newly-formed film societies and groups near and far.

Berwick Film Society is a Member of Cinema For All (formerly the British Federation of Film Societies / BFFS).


How are we funded?

JHG_LogoBerwick Film Society is pleased to acknowledge support from JH Greenwood & Co, Chartered Accountants.

BFS was originally launched through the support of Lottery Awards for All, the Community Foundation and Berwick Borough Council. But to keep our film programmes going, we are now entirely dependent upon the subscriptions of our supporters. If you enjoy being part of BFS, please tell other people about us and encourage them to become subscribers. Keep up the support so we can continue bringing you great movies!

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